Designing for an Inclusive  and accessible   future

We design products, services, and programs in collaboration with organizations dedicated to making a social impact.

Areas of Specialization

Explore the key areas we have dedicated to drive social impact along with our overarching research questions.

How can we design inclusive and accessible digital health solutions?

The future is heading towards a more digital health ecosystem where both health practitioners and patients will have to rely on utilizing technology for health treatment.


How can educational technology be used to narrow the digital divide?

Despite the many resources available in the western world, access to education and various learning opportunities is still a challenge for people living in low-socioeconomic environments globally. 

How can we design policies and programs with and not for marginalized communities?

It is important that we center the voices of those who have always been historically excluded when creating equity programs and policies.

What ways can technological innovations be used to solve real-world problems without exacerbating societal challenges?

Technology is leveraged to solve complex challenges but it is important to ensure not to further perpetuate harm when innovating.


In what ways can design practices help early-staged startups scale quicker?

Design thinking and research methods allows the biggest companies we know and love to become more efficient for scalability. This can absolutely be the case for startups.


Explore Core Services

1:1 Coaching & Consulting

We will work together to design and develop an engaging product, service, or program that drives impact through human-centered design and user-centered data.

Done-For-You User Research

UX Research all done-for-you! We will collect user insights, analyze, and provide your team with concrete recommendations on very specific elements to improve or implement for your organization's goals and user's needs.

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