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Design an experience your consumers love

User research is essential to the growth and development of digital products and services  that are based on people’s wants and needs. It assists in determining what people actually want so you can design and deliver products and experiences that your consumer will love.

Our mission is to deliver human-centered insights through compelling user research to equip startups and online service providers with the necessary user data for the development of industry-leading products that consumers will enjoy.

Explore Core Services

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1:1 Consulting

We will work together to create a high value user experience strategy to develop an engaging product your users will rave about, increase user engagement, and monthly recurring revenue.

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Done-For-You User Research

UX Research all done-for-you! LA Design Studio will collect user insights, analyze, and provide your team with concrete recommendations on very specific elements to improve or implement for your business goals and customers needs.

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Meet Your Consultant

Lucretia Williams is a UX researcher and consultant with a multidisciplinary background. She has 6 years of tech industry experience working on a variety of large government and societal products and systems. Lucretia is strongly passionate about helping tech startups and multidisciplinary tech teams improve tech solutions for social good. Her expertise is uncovering strong user insights from unique user populations to solve complex design problems.

It’s time to GO BIG!