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Everything you need to re-fresh and re-establish your online presence to increase visibility and donations for your nonprofit.


It's time to let your website work for you

I know it can be a little stressful when planning for your nonprofit yet alone a website launch. I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be difficult or take months on end. My clients come to me overwhelmed because they have less time to spend working on the online presence for their nonprofit. I take away that overwhelm with my comprehensive design package.


What's Included



web design

 Investment: Starting Price $6,000

need additional services?

If you need more, you got it! Inquires for additional services are discussed on consultation calls. Start your project today!

I've Got All Of Your Questions Covered

To get started, schedule a free consultation here. The starting price is $6,000. Depending on your needs for additional services there will be an increase in price. The first pay installment is required before project start date to secure your project.

All project timelines are approximately a minimum of 6 weeks long to ensure  that we really work on your organization’s needs.

I primarily design on WordPress. That is the best platform to design fully custom branded websites that hold the most integrations for my clients.

Unfortunately, I only offer one comprehensive package. I do not have separate services at this time.

I recognize the importance of using both web design and brand strategy to create a strong digital presence for organizations. With over 5 years of experience working with startups and businesses along with my current position of being a researcher in Human-Computer Interaction, I’ve seen how important it is to not only design a pretty website, but to create a system that SELLS.